Peering Policy

Jagoan Hosting Indonesia

About Jagoan Hosting Indonesia

Jagoan Hosting is a brand under PT Beon Intermedia and is one of the best web hosting companies based on Indonesia. We served people who want to go online by providing hosting, VPS & domain name. Millions of traffics are served everyday to our customer’s website through our network.


To support our customers, we operate on 1 AS number, AS55688 and welcomes the opportunity to engage in peering with responsible BGP speakers that meet our minimum requirements and are present at mutual Internet Exchanges or data-center facilities.

Peering Requirements

– Public and Visible ASN
– Updated Peeringdb br<> – 24/7 NOC
– BGP Session IPv4 and IPv6 (optional)
– For Private Peering (PNI) : 1Gbps Port
– Bilateral peering Via Internet Exchanges

Peering Information

ASN : 55688
NOC Contact : [email protected]
abuse contact : [email protected]
Peering Contact : [email protected]
Website URL :
Peeringdb entry